Teen Birthday Party Ideas for Twins

Keep it Simple…
Hotel Pool Party

One of the best birthday parties we had for our twins was held at a local hotel with an indoor pool. You will have to call around to check the hotel’s policy on pool use for the party and pick a weekend that is not busy. Obviously, major weekends like Fourth of July and Memorial Day will be much harder to book. After a few phone calls, I found a hotel that would allow us to use the pool for a party, as long as we book at least two rooms.

We book two adjoining rooms: One for the Boys with son (the birthday boy) and my husband as chaperone. One for the girls with my daughter (the birthday girl) and myself as chaperone. The rooms had two queen sized beds and a pull out coach. We let the twins pick four friends each to spend the night and the rest were only invited to the pool party portion. The hotel allowed us full access to the pool and we could bring in our own food/drinks/cake, as long as we cleaned up after ourselves. The twins had a blast, as did all the kids whether just joining us at the pool or spending the night. The best news…I did not have to spend the next day cleaning up the house! It was one of the easiest, low stress birthdays I have ever done!
Backyard Football Party

Believe it our not, your child may enjoy a birthday at your house! I chose an outdoor activity so that the kids only had to be inside for using the restroom. All you need is a football and some drinks! It is helpful if you or your spouse can play along with the kids to keep them from tackling each other. We also had Popsicles on hand for a treat.

The girls even got in to the action playing football, even though they were having a cheerleader themed party! The girls started out practicing their cheers while the boys played football, but soon it was decided that girls wanted to challenge the boys. They all had a blast. We ended the party with cake and gifts. Viola! Simple and once again, I did not have to spend a day cleaning the house after all the kids left!
Murder Mystery Party

This by far was one of my favorite birthday parties! By doing a little research, you can find different websites that will sell you a full script and idea kit for very reasonable. They have all different themes from Las Vegas to Circus to Prom and many more…just be sure to choose the teen version, as most sites have adult versions which would not be age appropriate!

We let the twins choose the theme and they picked Vegas, since we had just visited there the summer before, which was exciting. I ordered the script online and it was delivered via email in a PDF which was simple to print. It came with customizable invitations, the script and directions how to get the packets ready for each guest/character. The invitations are delivered and when the kids rsvp they are provided with their character, as well as ideas on how to dress for their role. I also purchased a few costume accessories to have on hand to add to the moment and for kids who could not afford costumes. Goodwill or Salvation Army is a great place to pick up items at a reasonable price.

To add to the setting, I ordered Vegas/Casino decorations from Oriental Trading and we made a craps table with green felt and fabric paint. We finished it off with a blackjack table and bought a roulette game (cheaply made, but still fun). After the murder mystery was complete, we revealed “who done it,” and the kids were given their poker chips to start playing at the casino. My husband served as Black Jack dealer, while I ran the roulette wheel. The kids drank mocktails in plastic margarita glasses. I did check with the parents before hand to let them know the theme and that we would be pretending to gamble to ensure that parents had time to decline the invite if they were uncomfortable.

The kids had a blast and so did I! I made a poker chip cake for my daughter and a dice cake for my son. We ended the night with cake and gifts. This was a more labor intensive party, especially after, as it involved a lot of clean up to get the house back in order. I must say it was completely worth it, as the twins will always remember that birthday!
Party Bus Fun

This will take some planning and research to see what is available in your area. My son just attended a birthday party of a friend where the kids were picked up by a party bus and shuttled around to different events in town. The Party Bus allowed all the kids to ride together, talk and listen to music. The first stop was dinner and this can be as expensive or inexpensive as you choose. Pizza is a great option, as all teenagers love pizza! You then can head to bowling or mini-golf or laser tag, whatever your area has available to choose. Finally, end the night off at a movie. The best news…no clean up at the end of the night and all the kids go home! Cake and gifts can be done at dinner or one of the other stops along the way!
Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

In the end, be creative and don’t think that parties have to be expensive for the kids to have fun. One of my favorite parties was the one we had at our house with the kids playing football. Get your kids involved and use their interests to make a party they will remember! To add a level, make your own invitations to match the theme!

Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) Car Rental and Transportation

Cabo San Lucas, a premier year round destination for vacationers of all ages, is situated at the apex of the Mexican Riviera and geographically located on the southern most tip of Baja California. Virtually surrounded by near perfect sun soaked beaches and ocean conditions, this world renowned Southern Pacific gem is suitable for just about every kind of outdoor entertainment and sports activity. From scuba diving to para-sailing and all cardio pulsing points in between, there is something for everyone. At the opposite end of the physical exertion spectrum, if you prefer a slower paced leisurely and relaxing experience, Cabo resorts can fulfill this desire with a comfortable lounge chair offering by the pool, or romantic seaside view cushioned by the soft solar heated sand. The choice is yours.

Cabo San Lucas is a unique Mexican Riviera resort destination in so many ways, a moderately populated city according to country standards which boasts a more quaint and secluded feel in contrast to the more uninhibited and sometimes unrestrained non stop party venues such as Mazatlan, Cancun, or Acapulco. If weather conditions cooperate and travel arrangements are made with a complete understanding of accommodations provided by the resort, a Cabo San Lucas vacation or business trip can turn out to be one of the most enjoyable experiences the Mexican Riviera has to offer.

If you are planning an extended business trip or vacation to Cabo San Lucas and need a readily available vehicle for the duration, please refer to the extensive menu of car rental agencies noted below. Each company should maintain a minimum of at least one pick up and drop off satellite office located on site at Los Cabos International Airport, or within very close proximity to the city of Cabo San Lucas. The menu includes one of the most comprehensive compilations of car rental companies and respective telephone numbers for efficient price and service comparison when you are ready to secure reservations. No recommendations are made, each agency has a unique service to offer and only you the consumer know exactly what type of service will suit your specific needs. Research and car rental selection is best left in your hands.

In addition to the 15 rental car agency choices, included for your convenience are the applicable telephone numbers for a “Party Bus” and two “Shuttle” company’s if you just need a ride to and from the airport. And for efficient street routing, an interactive map designed to generate precise directions for easy navigation to all destinations and points of interest is also incorporated at page bottom.


Depending on the data source referenced, Los Cabos International Airport ranks as the 5th to 7th busiest commercial air transportation facility in Mexico in terms of enplanements. Serving the San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas Regions of Baja California, approximately 3 million domestic and international passengers are accommodated and transported annually to various global destinations via a diverse fleet of commercial carriers. Although technically located in Mexico, the airport is actually situated at the southern most tip of a long uninterrupted land mass extension of California, one which geographically resembles a large narrow island surrounded by Southern Pacific waters.

Secret Garden in Mirage Hotel ~ White Tigers and Lions ~ Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is so much entertainment and so many venues in Las Vegas, Nevada that it would require innumerable visits to take in all the sites. It has been my distinct pleasure to enjoy the Siegfried and Roy Show when it was still in operation at the Mirage Hotel and especially pleasurable to see their Secret Garden with the endangered animals including the White Tigers and White Lions of Timbavati among other rare species kept in that wonderful setting.

For those who might not have been to Las Vegas or for those that have visited but spent their time taking in other forms of entertainment, pictures taken on my last visit there will be shown here.
Bottle Nosed Dolphin / Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas
The beautiful bottle nosed dolphin
The beautiful bottle nosed dolphin | Source
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Behind the Mirage Hotel and Casino is a large pool in which Bottle-nosed Dolphins put on regular shows for the public.

The Secret Garden is also in the back area of the Mirage and the friend that was accompanying me on our western vacation from Houston to California and back one year decided that it would be a nice break after looking at the array of spectacularly and inventively built hotels in Las Vegas to take a break and look at something a bit more “natural.”

Working our way back to the Secret Garden, we first took in the Dolphin Show.

Those type of shows are always crowd pleasers and this particular show did not disappoint. My only thought is that these magnificent mammals would undoubtedly be much happier in the oceans instead of a pool of water.

They are such sweet looking creatures and seem to have a permanent smile on their faces. The dolphins did the usual flips and jumps in the air in unison following gestures from their trainers.
Mirage Hotel aquatic show in Las Vegas
Click thumbnail to view full-size
Dolphin show at the MirageOne of the dolphins in the Mirage poolThese wonderful creatures can also be viewed while they are swimming under the water.
Dolphin show at the Mirage
Dolphin show at the Mirage | Source
Vegas Mirage Dolphin Habitat
Siegfried & Roy’s White Striped Tigers / Mirage Hotel
One of Siegfried & Roy’s White Striped Tigers at the Mirage
One of Siegfried & Roy’s White Striped Tigers at the Mirage | Source
Playful White Striped Tiger
Playful White Striped Tiger | Source
Melissa & Doug Giant Siberian White Tiger – Lifelike Stuffed Animal (over 5 feet long)
Melissa & Doug Giant Siberian White Tiger – Lifelike Stuffed Animal (over 5 feet long)
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Secret Garden

The Secret Garden of Siegfried andRoy is another thing entirely.

It has been created as a sanctuary for some amazing animals that have become endangered in the wild and serves to not only house them in areas providing freedom of movement as well as areas in which to climb, play and interact with one another, but also to provide information about them and to raise people’s awareness about these precious species of animals.

The Striped White Tigers were once thought to be extinct but in 1951 a cub was discovered by the Maharaja of Rewa.

Siegfried and Roy not only chose to help save these rare tigers from extinction, but due to their efforts in breeding them, at the time of our visit, there were about 40 white tigers that were residing at the sanctuaries in Las Vegas designed and built by this team of preservationists.

It is absolutely thrilling to be able to view them as close as we were able to do.

In a hallway in the Mirage Hotel and Casino, there were a few of the White Tigers on display as a couple of the photos that I took portray. These few were behind glass and seemed as interested in viewing the array of people passing by as we were in looking at them.

The vast majority of the animals are in the Secret Garden in the back of the hotel.

As most people probably know, Siegfried and Roy offered a wonderful and long lasting show at the Mirage in which their animals that they lived with on a daily basis also performed with them. One horrible accident stopped their performances, perhaps forever.

I count myself among those fortunate people who were able to see them and their magnificent creatures perform on stage and it is a memory that I will carry with me always.

Planning A Trip To Italy

With its wonderful climate year round, Italy is a perfect destination for a holiday whether you are an art lover or a gourmand; what else we can say about Italian cities, art, museums, fashion, cuisine… Probably everything has already been said!

So, if you have planned a travel to this gorgeous country of majestic mountains, placid lakes, splendid cities and wonderful walled villages, then, why not take the opportunity to also visit the idyllic Mediterranean Italian islands? Believe or not, Italy has even more to offer than its historic cities, museums etc. etc.. You can book a Ferry (traghetti in Italian…) from several Italian ports to Italian islands of Sardinia, Elba or Sicily. Elba, the pearl of the Tuscan Archipelago gives the sensation of so much in so little as in the small spaces of the island we travel over tourist attractions and natural landscapes of big contrast. On Sicily you can also enjoy the breathtaking views of the active volcano of Etna and feel the heat from the ashes by talking a walk on the volcano. Sardinia will give you bizarre rock formations, caves, mountains, canyons and forests all surrounded by endless beaches and the emerald green ocean with its crystal clear water.

There are primary “traghetti” companies operating in Italy to book your Mediterranean excursions like the following: Moby Line, Corsica Ferries, Minoan Lines, Anek Lines, Grandi Navi Veloci, Medmar, Sardinia Ferries, Snav and Toremar, but you can find many more minor companies to reach with ease any little Italian island.
The main Italian ports of embarkation for the large islands of Sicily and Sardinia are: Genoa, Livorno, Civitavecchia, Fiumicino, Naples and Villa San Giovanni. There are many services linking the islands by sea to the mainland: the main links are by car ferries and hydro-foils. In addition, ships from all the countries around the Mediterranean are moored in the well-equipped Italian ports.

Booking your traghetti in Italy, is really easy. You can reserve your trip in a countless number of agencies located anywhere, or you can book calling directly by phone the Ferry company of your choice, or you can even book traghetti online, across a wide range of online traghetti services that make available online ferries timetable, availability of seats, and online reservation, 24/24

Some more tips for disabled travellers: Tirrenia’s ferries have 1 or 2 accessible cabins on their scheduled daily lines to Sardinia. Grandi Navi Veloci has 2 ferries with 2 special accessible cabins each. The new Costa Line ships as Costa Classica and Costa Romantica have special accessible cabins, 6 on each ship.

Overcoming Homesickness When Living Abroad

Once you have made the brave step to a new life in a foreign country, inevitably, at some stage you will start missing home and the things that you were used to. Missing friends, family, traditions and the food are typically the most difficult things you will have to deal with as an expatriate.

Missing home and the various other things that were important to you before you left is normal and is part of the transition into a new country and new culture. It can be especially hard if the culture of the country you have moved to is really different to what you were used to.

In the first few months or even the first year, you may feel as if you have lost your identity. Having this state of mind can amplify the feelings of missing home. Back home, people knew you and knew your personality. It may feel like you have to rebuild your identity. In some respects you have to, but it is important to remember why you moved to a new country in the first place. Maybe you wanted a fresh start in life. Grasp the opportunity this fresh start has given you. You could even give your personality a makeover and be someone new.

Dealing with missing home, friends and family can be made that much easier, but it takes effort. One of the important aspects you can do is to plan. Plan to make calls to friends and loved ones. Plan not to be alone. Don’t let yourself be alone too much as this is not good for your morale. Invite the new friends you make to spend time with you. Arrange for your family and friends back home to come and visit as much as possible. By being proactive and planning, you will have something to look forward to and this helps with the thoughts of missing home.

In this modern age of communications, there are many ways to keep in touch. Telephone, email, Internet chat and even via web cam video. Grasp the technology and get it working in your favour. You may feel that you are missing out on things at home, but imagine what a video of your nieces birthday party would do for you. Sure it would probably make you miss home, but you would still feel very much a part of what is happening back home and have not been forgotten.

Learn to fit in with the new culture you have found yourself in. Forget that back home you would celebrate Christmas like this, or would eat this on a Sunday. You are not at home so learn to live like the locals. Once you accept that the world around you is different, maybe then you will learn to live with it and feel part of something again. Perhaps that is when you can start to deal with missing home.

Missing home is difficult to overcome, but with effort, friends, a social life and enthusiasm to fit into this new life, it can be easier to deal with.

Norfolk’s Barnham Broom Golf Club

Many sports tend to have a bias towards one sex or another. Football, for example, is by and large a male-dominated sport and you don’t get much more masculine than rugby! On the other side of the fence, netball would definitely fall into the female category. Yet there are some sports that gracefully transcend genders, appealing to both men and women.

Golf is undoubtedly one of these sports and it also has no age limits. Dotted around courses throughout the UK you will find some unlikely groupings of people who are linked by their love of this great outdoor sport. Some will play daily while others only on weekends, perhaps as a way of releasing the stress of a difficult week at the office.

Keen golfers tend to join a club and membership packages vary considerably in price. Many golf clubs simply offer standard packages with the assumption that one size fits all and offer little flexibility. Yet some offer more realistic membership packages, where they take into account how often you’ll play and tailor a package to your individual needs.

Barnham Broom Golf Club in Norfolk is breathing new life into membership and taking this more flexible and appealing approach. Membership enquiries are dealt with on a one by one basis, where potential members are able to discuss their requirements with the golf team at Barnham Broom. Membership is tailored to fit you rather than you having to fit into the club.

As such the Norfolk golf club has a thriving membership, with many golfers taking advantage of this sensible approach to play some of the finest golf in Norfolk. Two beautiful championship courses tempt golfers to the club. While both have been designed by one of Europe’s foremost golf course architects, Frank Pennink, they are considerably different and offer numerous challenges! The Valley Course has an abundance of water and blends seamlessly with the surrounding countryside, while the Hill Course offers fine holes and fine views of the region.

Membership benefits include the opportunity to take part in competitions that run throughout the year for men, women, juniors and seniors. And the 19th hole is the Sportsbar and Café where you can relax with fellow members over a light bite or perhaps just a refreshing drink while planning your next round and swapping tips.

For those looking to improve their game, lessons can be booked with the course PGA professional, Ian Rollett, who will guide you through aspects of your game. Improve your technique during a one to one lesson, organise a group lesson for friends or perhaps a full day of golf including some tuition for a society or work awayday.

So if you’re looking for a golf club to join in Norfolk but can’t find the right membership package to suit, then Barnham Broom is definitely worth considering.

About Las Vegas Limo Party Bus Transportation Services

When it comes to decisions that matter, learn and discover the best of everything about Las Vegas limo party bus transportation services, as an insider’s view if you will, to see, buy, AND avoid in Vegas, use this as reference guide about Vegas limousine transportation services to enrich your Vegas VIP entertainment experience. I guarantee it.

Knowing how to work the system in Vegas on all the venues beginning with transportation is a great way to begin planing your Las Vegas party and get a great deal on all the things you need and a bunch more you didn’t know you needed. Plan ahead for your reservation at the best Las Vegas restaurants for your romantic, private or group dining experience by arranging a Las Vegas Party Bus limo for large groups with a seating capacity of 20 plus up to 30 passengers, the party bus limo is a great way to travel, especially for a bachelor party.

Sometimes, a party doesn’t need a destination – in the case of the Las Vegas party bus limo, the ride IS the destination. A Party Bus can hold a large group – anywhere from 20 to 30 people or even more in some cases. Usually the inside of a limo bus is heavily customized, and can feature everything from flat-screen HDTV’s and full wet bars and other amenities and a stripper pole, 3,500 watt sound system, CD/DVD player, iPod station a large screen 52″ TV and a 50K light show to dazzle your interior environment is recommended by Las Vegas limo guide the perfect option for that Las Vegas bachelor or bachelorette party, or any birthday bash.

Make sure to check out pictures of the interior and the amenities before you book so that you’re sure of what you’re getting… an airport shuttle bus, mini bus or luxury motor coaches that is priced for $75 per hour is NOT the same as a party bus limo coach that can cost between $100 and $200 per hour. The average limo bus price is very affordable due to the number of people that can share the cost.

When you arrive in the entertainment capital of the world, your choices are virtually unlimited. You can choose from a wide variety of genres and styles. Las Vegas party buses create the kind of ambiance that reveal the most entertaining options. If this is what you are looking for; an amazing exhibition of entertainment offered for every venue of visual presentation exhilarated euphoria, whatever you desire, yes, you can have it in a Vegas party bus, even your own private show.

Las Vegas Party Bus limousine transportation companies are experts punting together bachelor parties or bachelorette parties, VIP access at the hottest nightclubs and strip clubs will never be an issue. They do a lot of business with these clubs, so they can give you the same Las Vegas VIP experience for a better price.

Booking these nightclubs on wheels is very economical and everybody has the chance to travel together and party. About the corporate business travel, there are many factors to consider when booking a Vegas limo coach service, the limo party bus price should not be the only factor in your search. Much like renting a hotel, different price often mean different service levels. It’s good to have a budget determined ahead of time, but also know what type of Vegas experience you want.

McCarran International Airport provides a ground transportation list; Vegas Airport limo bus services is a far better value than a limo ride due to the ultimate comfort and luxury. Airport shuttle bus service also available for airport transfers. Make sure to get the limousine rates and hourly cost in details before booking and also check the company cancellation policy and terms of service.

Compare the lowest rates and hourly price for the best deals with limousine transportation companies online, search in Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Ask and/or other search engines for Las Vegas limo rates for easy access to detailed information to decide and plan a limo Strip tour on a Vegas vacation.

Limo coaches are the perfect most comfortable and convenient way of traveling to and from any of the golf courses in the valley. There are some 60 courses in/or around Vegas and large travel groups make arrangements to book limo bus charters especially for golf outings. Service outings can be customized for every golfer and budget to organize the perfect golf event. Golf packages deals such as stay and play package and tee time specials can be easily arrange with a VIP concierge services at/for your convenience.

The LVCVA brings visitors to Clark County in Sin City by promoting convention, meetings and special events and thus made the Las Vegas Convention Center on Paradise road the ultimate authority in trade show planning services and convention center guide to limousine transportation services. Limo buses are the appropriate vehicle type for large groups in corporate travel service and professional travel management.

Vegas party bus limos are used in a variety of limousine transportation type services from casino hotel resort nightclubs to airport transfers and golf courses especially as convenience options for fun leisure opportunities to cater to the Las Vegas party crowd, even for innovative student travel programs that educate and excite eager young minds on school event dance for graduation/prom. Parents or legal guardian have to sign a minor liability agreement for the kids under the age of 21to be picked up from school property.

Please only use CPCN licensed and insured Las Vegas limousine transportation companies.

Well, there you have it, everything to know about Las Vegas party bus limo. We give this advice and guide you because we love it and it’s hard to believe sometimes that this is what we do for a living. We are out every night, so when you party with us, you can be assured you are going to the best clubs in Sin City.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4792542

Explore Las Vegas With Bus Tours

So you’ve decided that you want to see a little more of Sin City than what you typically experience while walking down the busy strip. With so many people around you, it’s quite easy to miss the hidden gems of this great city! By taking advantage of a bus or helicopter tour, you’ll ensure that you are able to really take in all that Vegas has to offer from a unique perspective.

Bus Tours

Bus tours are popular for many, especially those who are afraid of heights! Each tour will have a different goal in mind and there are many different routes to choose from. The tours will typically be done on a double decker bus or a luxury limousine and the type of transportation chosen really depends on the type of budget available. A popular bus tour is the Las Vegas Double Decker Bus of the Stars. With this tour, customers experience Las Vegas entertainment with performers who portray some of the most famous celebrities and stars! Of course there’s Elvis, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe and more for your viewing pleasure! There will only be one performer per tour so each tour will be different but just as equally fantastic. Tickets cost $39 and the tour is 75 minutes of pure party bliss.

Another bus tour to take in is the Neon Night on the Town tour in this city of lights and is approximately 5.5 hours long! The Neon Night Tour will stop alongside the glorious Bellagio Fountain Show while giving you an uninterrupted view of the fountains and all they have to offer. Once leaving Bellagio, the tour continues down to another popular attraction, Wedding Chapel Row, then ends in downtown Las Vegas at the wonderful Fremont Street Experience which is a marvelous array of great music, wonderful food and people, and stunning lights. Tickets will cost $47.99 for adults and children.

A Las Vegas Mob Tour will unravel the hidden secrets and stories of mob and mafia life. Tour guides really get into the tour by dressing up in traditional mafia clothing such as fedora’s and pinstripe suits while exciting the crowd with narratives of the dark side of Las Vegas before heading off to view secret mob locations.

With Halloween around the corner, the Haunted House Night Tour has been deemed one of the best ghost tours to do! This tour includes haunting narratives of interactions with the other side at popular strip hotels, a ghost hunt, and the Las Vegas Seance show. Stories about the “Motel of Death”, the location of many celebrity deaths, will surely make the hairs on your neck stand right up. Lastly, this tour will take you to visit the haunted home of comedian legend Redd Foxx. Some say that he still haunts this home, now turned into a business, to this day despite many attempts to remove his spirit.

Whatever you decide to do, you are sure to get your money’s worth with a bus tour around the city. Whether you are looking for a musical treat, a a mafia tale, or haunting ghost stories there will always something for your preferences. Bus tours aren’t the only way to get around either. There are great helicopter tours available to take you to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, or high above the Las Vegas strip as well.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3108544

Alliance Media is awarded Superbrand status (again)

On 4 November 2016, Superbrands East Africa hosted a distinguished awards ceremony at the Villa Rosa Kempinski. The evening was dedicated to the celebration of exceptional brands in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.
Alliance Media is awarded Superbrand status (again)
Her Excellency, The First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, graced the evening as the guest of honour. Top executives across ten industries were in attendance including Alliance Media’s Edgar Mabhiza. The evening saw mentalist Larry Soffer presenting the new edition of the Superbrands EA book, Volume IV.

“Superbrands is excited to pay tribute to the most valued brands in East Africa at this our tribute awards ceremony, each one, be it internationally known or homegrown, has connected their story to consumers through hard work and determination to provide quality. We are honoured to celebrate all the outstanding brands in the region,” said Jawad Jaffer, the Project Director and Associate Publisher Superbrands East Africa.

Alliance Media sees the recognition received by Superbrands East Africa for the past six years as a true accolade because it underpins the fact that Alliance Media fully understands the importance of creating a strong brand.

Alliance Media is awarded Superbrand status (again)
Alliance Media’s clients’ use outdoor and airport advertising to build their brands across the African continent and this Superbrands Award shows that Alliance Media is a partner who knows how to grow brands.

Superbrands is the world’s largest independent arbiter of branding. It identifies and pays tribute to exceptional brands by recognising, rewarding and reinforcing leading brands from all over the world. Superbrand status strengthens a brand’s position, adds prestige and sets the brand apart from its competitors.

Alliance Media partners with Botswana at 50

Botswana celebrates its 50th year of independence this month and Alliance Media, who has been operating in Botswana for 18 years of this period, is joining in the celebrations.
The Alliance Media office in Gaborone has been a strong contributor to the country in creating employment, adding to the economy and providing innovative out-of-home (OOH) media to the country’s many advertisers.

Alliance Media is proud to be the largest OOH Company in Botswana with sites in all major towns. Alliance Media also holds the exclusive advertising rights at the Sir Seretse Khama International airport, where it is has donated a billboard to Botswana to commemorate this jubilee occasion.

Alliance Media partners with Botswana at 50

“Alliance Media is proud to acknowledge the 50-year mark of Botswana’s independence and is pleased to donate this premium advertising site to the country for the month,” says Greg Benatar, Sales and Marketing Director, Alliance Media.

Since gaining independence in 1966, Botswana bloomed from being one of the poorest countries In Africa to the third fastest growing in the world – by per capita GDP (in 2014). Known as the African Success Story, Botswana has an adult literacy rate of 85 percent, and nearly 90 percent of children go to primary school. It’s also one of the few countries in Africa that has enjoyed a stable democracy.